IMG-20140528-WA0000PhD students
Nicola Bernardo (2017-2020)
Provisional Thesis title: Linking vulnerability with species and community threat responses in biodiversity conservation
Co-supervisor: Eloy Revilla
Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC) (Sevilla)

MSc students

IMG-4230Carlos Fernández Marín (2016-17)
“Standardised definition of functional ecoregions for terrestrial vertebrates”
Universidad Pablo Olavide (Sevilla)


Main collaborators

Eloy Revilla: My colleague at DRIVE project in the EBD-CSIC. We are trying to identify drivers of species extinction globally.

Pablo Miguel Lucas: He is a collaborator in the DRIVE project. Pablo is incredibly good using GIS!!

Rubén Bernardo Madrid: Collaborating with him in some “exciting” biogeographic ideas. He is amazing both thinking and coding!!

Oscar Godoy: We try to understand the ecological and evolutionary processes explaining community assemblages at broad scales.

Past collaborators

Bradford A. Hawkins: I spent three wonderful years in California as postdoc with Brad working on community phylogenetics at continental scales.

Miguel Á. Rodriguez: After finishing my PhD in community ecology, Miguel opened the door for me to the world of biogeography and macroecology. I worked three years as postdoc with him on biogeographical patterns and fragmentation theory/extinction thresholds.